As result of the research conducted in the laterite nickel ore fields licensed to Meta Nickel Kobalt Plc. in Gördes, it was decided thay the most efficient hydrometallurgical extraction methodology would be the High Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) process and all the related investments were made in this direction.

As one of the few facilities with this technique in the world, and as the only one in Turkey, our facility is a source of pride.

HPAL process, is a high-end technology, which involves selective dissolution of nickel and cobalt in a titanium alloyed autoclave reactor at 255 ° C temperature and 46 bar pressure.
In this hydrometallurgical process, the mud which is fed to the high-pressure system, is heated gradually in three stages with recycled vapour from expansion tanks, transferred to the autoclave reactor by pumps specially created for this process, and dissolved with sulfuric acid.

With the effect of temperature and high pressure, all reactions exit the reactor in a short period such as one hour with high dissolution efficiency and are gradually depressurised and cooled down in three stages with expansion tanks.

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