At the core of every technology and innovative process that makes us successful, lies our qualified human resources. 

At the core of every technology and innovative process that makes us successful, lies our qualified human resources. In line with this understanding, we strive for the selection of qualified human resources, the development of existing human resources and a business environment that focuses on human beings and we endeavour to create appropriate policies.

In our facility in Gördes, we employ 500 people, 100 of which are engineers. When we include the ecosystem that we have created, we contribute to the development of the region by providing job opportunities to approximately 5,000 people.

We believe that the success of our business will come from adapting to the sector and technological developments and improving ourselves constantly, we attach great importance to training, researching, developing and experiencing to improve our competencies.

We are actively evaluating the ideas and practices of our employees in order to increase the added value of our work and create a business environment that will produce innovative, sustainable and value-added products with the collective wisdom we create.

While creating the working environment we target, we pay attention to protecting the rights of all employees and equal opportunities.

We are guided by the principle that the most important factor in achieving HR politics is competent and happy employees. In all our processes and applications, we apply transparent, motivation raising performance management, which rewards success.

We believe that for success, first of all, a healthy and safe working environment should be created. We take preventive measures against risks by evaluating every single risk that may arise in all business processes and we design the business processes in consideration of human health and safety.

We strive to make continuous improvement by reflecting the international standards, new technologies and employees' suggestions in our practices in line with the legal obligations related to health and safety.

We have created a safe workplace environment in all our businesses and facilities by making health and safety an indispensable part of our employees' priorities and work. In line with this understanding, we provide our employees with awareness, skills and competencies through regular trainings on occupational health and safety issues.

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