'Sister school, Sister Institution' Çiçekli Primary School

Within the scope of the project "Sister School, Sister Institution" initiated by the Governorship of Manisa, Meta Nickel Cobalt became sister institution of Çiçekli Elementary School.

Within the scope of the project, after determining all the shortcomings of the school, studies to be done during the summer holiday period were planned. The garden of the school was furnished with stones, the toilets were renovated, the dining room underwent maintenance work obtaining a modern appearance.

In addition, the heating system, the electrical system and the roof of the building are completely renovated.

The basketball court was also reorganized to make it more comfortable for sports activities.

Other “musts” of a modern education system such as computers, audio system, optical test reader device have also been prepared at the request of school management. All studies were completed at the beginning of the 2012 academic year and offered to the use of students.

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