Zorlu Holding opened the first nickel-cobalt plant of Turkey, Meta Nickel Cobalt, an investment of 600 million dollars in Gördes, and the Venus Smart Phone and Tablet Factory in Manisa, an investment of 120 million euros, with the presence of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Both facilities opened on the same day, aim to contribute to the reduction of current account deficit by offering value added products for Turkey with R&D and technology-oriented business models.

Zorlu Holding, which gives life to the dream of a sustainable and smart future by providing the forward-looking power of technology to society, undertakes many investments in the direction of this vision.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony held in Vestel City, Zorlu Holding Chairman Ahmet Zorlu, expressed that Zorlu Holding has always been a group believing in the domestic industry and growing with its power, and said: "Thanks to our products of intelligent technology designed and produced today by our engineers, and thanks to our belief in our country, our people, our production power and our technology, we have the privilege of receiving admiration and appreciation pf hundreds of millions of people in 155 countries in the world. Every investment we make strengthens Turkey's value added product exports and contributes to the reduction of a major problem, the current account deficit. The Venus Smart Phone and Tablet Factory, that we have opened today, where we have alsolayed the foundations of our transition to Industry 4.0, is a pride for every individual in this country, being the only smartphone factory in Europe. Meta Nickel Cobalt in Gördes, the first nickel-cobalt plant in Turkey, is the only one in the Northern Hemisphere with its technology and is among the top 10 facilities in the world. This facility, with a new generation of mining approach based on R&D  and technology, makes serious contribution to the economy of our country by transforming nickel, which is also used in in batteries for electric cars, to an added value product.

An annual production capacity of 10 million pieces

The Smart Phone and Tablet Factory in Vestel City, one of Europe's largest industrial complexes operating in one location, has an annual production capacity of 10 million units. The factory, which has a workforce of 700 people, including a 200-person R&D team, stands out as one of the most up-to-date investments that reflect Vestel's R&D, design and manufacturing strength.

The Venus Smart Phone and Tablet Factory, which has completed the integration of Industry 4.0, and which will produce with advanced technology based production lines and high locality ratio, aims to contribute to reduce the current deficit with innovative smart products to be introduced to the Turkish market and exported to different countries of the world, especially in Europe.

Meta Nickel produces nickel used in electric cars' batteries

Meta Nickel plant, in which Zorlu Holding has invested $ 360 million for its first phase, thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit and industrial identity, will have a total investment of $ 860 million, including a second phase covering 2015-2023, to reach 20,000 tons of nickel metal capacity.

Nickel, produced at the Meta Nickel Plant and identified as the raw material of the future, is used in many industries ranging from stainless steel sector, chemical, porcelain, glass, automotive, ship and aircraft industries. Because of its resistance to oxidation, nickel is now widely used in the production of super alloys, attracting even more interest every day because it is one of the main components of electric car batteries that can be described as the heart of these automobiles.

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