Founded in 2000, Meta Mining took the most important step in its history in 2007, a step that would put it on the track to become Turkey's source of pride in the world later on. Becoming a part of the most innovative and visionary conglomerate in Turkey, Zorlu Holding, in 2007, the company operates today under the name of Meta Nickel Cobalt Mining Industry and Trade Plc.

Implementing the vision of the group within the Mining and Metallurgy Group, one of the five main fields of activity of Zorlu Holding, the pioneer of the “firsts” in Turkey, today our company brings in high added value to the Turkish economy with the “raw materials of the future”, nickel and cobalt in different forms. While doing this, it incorporates the strongest genes of Zorlu Holding, “innovation”, “sustainability” and “environmental sensitivity”. This approach along with our innovative production technology, brings us the adjective “unique” in the North hemisphere.

We are proud to be among the 10 facilities in the world with this new generation mining based on R&D. With this pride, we continue our investments, our research activities and we are striving to bring our signature to our country’s future goals in many areas, from domestic automobile project to the national defence industry.

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