As Meta Nickel Cobalt, we believe that institutions just like individuals bear the responsibility of 'citizenship' for the society they live in.

As Meta Nickel Cobalt, we believe that institutions just like individuals bear the responsibility of 'citizenship' for the society they live in. With this understanding that we define as 'Corporate Citizenship', we know that everything we do has to add value to our region, our country and our world.

With this approach, we focus on the social, cultural and economical development of the region where our facilities are located, starting with the establishment phase of our facility in Gördes, Manisa. Within this frame, we have developed many different social responsibility projects, especially "Çiçekli-2 Pond", "Celal Bayar University Gördes Vocational School Construction", "Balıkesir Provincial National Afforestation Mobilization" and "Tavşanalanı Forestation."

Çiçekli-2 Pond

Planned by DSİ but not constructed for a long time, the Çiçekli-2 Pond in Çiçekli region, was going to cover the need of irrigation to the region but also would cause the inundation of agricultural lands in Kalemoğlu village. We immediately took action for this project that would, while creating benefits, harm another settlement area. As a result of our negotiations with DSİ, we moved the project to a more suitable place and we undertook the whole construction with the name of Çiçekli-2 Pond. Even a single tree, while building a three and a half million cubic meters pond, we didn't only not harm even one single tree, but also planted 200 thousand trees. Today, this project, along with the agricultural irrigation needs of the region, meets the water needs of our facility. Faced with the risk of losing agricultural land in the first plans, Kalemoğlu Village also has a unique picnic area around Çiçekli- 2 Pond in addition to agricultural land.

Celal Bayar University Gördes Vocational High School

Gördes Vocational School in Celal Bayar University, which faced to shut down because there was not a building of its own in the past was revived by Gördes businessmen and regional companies, in particular Meta Nickel Kobalt. Gördes Vocational School moved to its new premises in 2008 without the use of government resources with this cooperation.

Balıkesir Province National Forestation Mobilization

We contributed to the activities of Balıkesir National Forestation Mobilization carried out by the Balıkesir Forest Regional Directorate within the framework of the campaign launched by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. As a result of the campaign, the region acquired the "1923 Republican Forest", a 52 hectare site within the boundaries of the villages of Akçal and Soğanbükü.

Tavşanalanı Forestation

We undertook another forestation project in cooperation with the Gördes Forest Management Directorate, operating under the İzmir Forest District Directorate, within an area of 90 hectares in the north of Gördes District of Tavşanalanı. Within the framework of the project, which was financed by our company, 230.000 pine saplings were planted within a period of 1.5 months with the employment of approximately 180 people in the region.

Student Scholarships

In line with the social responsibility vision set by Zorlu Holding which continuously supports new generations for a better world vision, we continue granting non-refundable scholarships to children and youngsters.

In this context, as Meta Nickel, we support, in every academic year, more than 100 children and youngsters with our scholarships in Gördes and connected villages.

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