As Meta Nickel Cobalt, we never forget our responsibility for future generations.

As Meta Nickel Cobalt, we never forget our responsibility for future generations.We know that continuing our work and our life depends on the resources that the world has to offer.For this reason, in line with our vision of corporate sustainability, we have made our principles of production, respecting human beings and environment, adding value to society, an integral part of our work approach.

While founding our basic approach on being creative, productive and innovative, we also work with a strategy to make this business model an integral part of our corporate culture.In this direction, we consider our infrastructure, investments and working principles with our social development and environmental responsibility principles as a whole.

Weare developinginnovativesolutionsto continuously improve our environmental performance as a part of our responsibility to future generations, while contributing to the development of the region with the added valuewe create with our production.

While we increase our efficiency, we focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, natural resource use, energy consumption and waste generation.When evaluating our environmental impact, we are not taking into consideration just our own facilities but advance with the idea of creating an ecosystem that includes all our stakeholders.From R&D to production, from production to logistics, we consider environmental responsibility as a top priority at all stages of the value chain.

Closed circuit production that does not damage the environment

We use one of the 25 autoclaves in the world, the heart of a brand-new mining concept in our facility in Gördes.This boiler;with high-pressure acidleaching method and a high yield ratio, without harming the environment, works with a completely closed system.

Our facility in Gördes, with a 25millionm3wastestoragefor completely safe waste, holds the largest EIA permit given in its field, with 3,834hectares.

InGördes,where we have planted 250.000saplingswithin an area of 90 acres for thecontinuity of natural life, we meet the water needs of our facilityfrom theÇiçekliPondwhich is built in collaboration with DSI.

We reduce the amount of water we use from the reservoir by reusing the waste water that we have fed to the waste storage dam.With the new project we have started, we are aiming to launch a system which will need water consumption, using the fluid waste again and again.

Our Environmental Policy

  • In all our projects,we follow the best practices prepared by the European Union regarding mining and wasteswhileat the same timecomplying with therelevant laws andregulations.
  • We aim to contribute to the development of the region in which we invest, while at the same timeaiming to minimizenegativeenvironmental impacts, choosing the most suitable productionmethods and constantly improving them to protect environmental values.
  • We reduce the pollution at source so that waste generation is reduced the most.
  • Our waste management systems prevent air, water, soil, natural life, employees and the people of the region from being negatively affected by mining and operating activities.
  • In all our works, we have the principle of protecting natural resources and species.
  • We adopt a transparent and open communication method in the measurement and control of environmental data, working with relevant public institutions and non-governmental organizations.
  • We constantly offer trainings to our human resources, to keep them up-to-date with our environmental responsibilities.
  • We build strong stakeholder relationships;we ensure that the people of the region have knowledge about the environmental measures we take in our activities.
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