Biz Kültürü


We believe that the greatest value of our work is not 'machinery' but 'people'.

We believe that the greatest value of our work is not 'machinery' but 'people'. We know that we have experienced and talented engineers, technicians and employees who are at the center of our new value-added next-generation mining approach. Whatever their mission is, with this human resource that makes us "us", we are aiming to be the largest nickel-cobalt producer in the eastern part of Europe in the near future.

Our characteristic features that will help us meet these goals are:

  • Mining and metallurgy practices of global standards.
  • An innovative mining concept that creates added value.
  • Advanced material technologies and R&D based on top-level chemistry knowledge.
  • A constantly evolving human resource with research, development, hands-on learning and experience.
  • A new generation management approach that sees environmental and social responsibility as an integral part of our work.
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